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Tennis tips

Tennis Tips for All Tennis Players

Training Intervals

Do you want to improved your agility and endurance on the tennis court?

Running intervals will help you achieve the endurance your looking for, try doing 30 seconds runnings as fast as your can and then walk for 30 seconds.
Do this 6 times.
Repeat every other day! 

Crossfit and Tennis

Many of my students have asked if Crossfit and Tennis go together? My answer is YES! Doing cross-fit might be the best things for tennis players for the following reasons:

  • It focuses on leg strength
  • It strengthens the stamina and endurance
  • It works on the long twitch muscle fibers and short ones
  • Hits the core in almost every crossfit move
  • Works on the agility which is very much needed for tennis players

Hydrate... Hydrate... Hydrate! 

Here are Some Great Drinks 4 You To Energize Your System:

1. Water: Water is the cleanest beverage for your system. It’ll keep you feeling refreshed and hydrated out there. I actually recommend you drink tons of this stuff every single day, not just on match days. This will help you last longer during practice and get more out of it. It’ll make hydration more of a priority in your mind because you’ve incorporated it into a daily routine.  And most importantly, it’ll increase your health overall by eliminating many of the toxins that contaminate your body and make it difficult to perform.

2. Sports Drinks: Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade help retain fluid in your system by giving your body a solid dose of  electrolytes and also help maintain sodium balance in the blood. If you choose sports drinks over water, do the same thing as I mentioned above and make it a routine. Indulge during every practice and stay hydrated with it whenever your out there attempting to give a high-level performance.

NOTE: Cooler drinks are absorbed into the body much quicker. So bring a cooler filled with ice if you’re going to be playing on a hot day.

Stop Back soon for more tips! 

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